P65 if the trip wire in fig p65 is placed where the

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Unformatted text preview: ) mercury, or (f) glycerin. Cola, approximated as pure water at 20°C, is to fill an 8oz container (1 U.S. gal 128 fl oz) through a 5-mm-diameter tube. Estimate the minimum filling time if the tube flow is to remain laminar. For what cola (water) temperature would this minimum time be 1 min? When water at 20°C is in steady turbulent flow through an 8-cm-diameter pipe, the wall shear stress is 72 Pa. What is the axial pressure gradient ( p/ x) if the pipe is (a) horizontal and (b) vertical with the flow up? A light liquid ( 950 kg/m3) flows at an average velocity of 10 m/s through a horizontal smooth tube of diameter 5 cm. The fluid pressure is measured at 1-m intervals along the pipe, as follows: 0 1 2 3 4 5 304 273 255 240 226 213 6 200 Estimate (a) the average wall shear stress, in Pa, and (b) the wall shear stress in the fully developed region of the pipe. P6.10 Water at 20°C flows through an inclined 8-cm-diameter pipe. At sections A and B the following data are taken: pA 186 kPa, VA 3.2 m/s, zA 24.5 m, and pB 260 kPa, VB 3.2 m/s, zB 9.1 m. Which way is the flow going? What is the head loss i...
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