P680 if this pump drives water at 20c through 120 m

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Unformatted text preview: rizontal plates 3 cm apart. Estimate (a) the centerline velocity, (b) the head loss per meter, and (c) the pressure drop per meter. A commercial-steel annulus 40 ft long, with a 1 in and b 1 in, connects two reservoirs which differ in surface 2 height by 20 ft. Compute the flow rate in ft3/s through the annulus if the fluid is water at 20°C. Show that for laminar flow through an annulus of very small clearance the flow rate Q is approximately proportional to the cube of the clearance a b. An annulus of narrow clearance causes a very large pressure drop and is useful as an accurate measurement of viscosity. If a smooth annulus 1 m long with a 50 mm and b 49 mm carries an oil flow at 0.001 m3/s, what is the oil viscosity if the pressure drop is 250 kPa? A 90-ft-long sheet-steel duct carries air at approximately 20°C and 1 atm. The duct cross section is an equilateral triangle whose side measures 9 in. If a blower can supply 1 hp to the flow, what flow rate, in ft3/s, will result? Heat exchangers often consist of m...
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