P697 a wind tunnel has a wooden rectangular section

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Unformatted text preview: air is stagnant in the centage is the air flow rate decreased from part (a) of Prob. large volume of the manifold under the table surface, and 6.92? assume sharp edge inlets at each hole. (a) Estimate the P6.101 Repeat Prob. 6.67 by including losses due to a sharp enpressure rise (in lb/in2) required of the blower. (b) Comtrance and a fully open screwed swing-check valve. By pare your answer to the previous calculation in which miwhat percentage is the required tank level h increased? nor losses were ignored. Are minor losses significant in *P6.102 A 70 percent efficient pump delivers water at 20°C from this application? one reservoir to another 20 ft higher, as in Fig. P6.102. The piping system consists of 60 ft of galvanized-iron P6.105 The system in Fig. P6.105 consists of 1200 m of 5 cm castiron pipe, two 45° and four 90° flanged long-radius el2-in pipe, a reentrant entrance, two screwed 90° long-rabows, a fully open flanged globe valve, and a sharp exit dius elbows, a screwed-open gate valve, and a...
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