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Unformatted text preview: 0.95, you fill, to a depth of 12 cm, a large container which drains through a 30-cm-long vertical tube attached to the bottom. The tube diameter is 2 mm, and the rate of drain- Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 407 D2 = 1 cm 3.7 atm D1 = 0.25 mm B Q F 2.1 atm 12 m 1.5 cm A 3 cm P6.30 P6.24 ing is found to be 1.9 cm3/s. What is your estimate of the fluid viscosity? Is the tube flow laminar? P6.26 Water at 20°C is flowing through a 20-cm-square smooth duct at a (turbulent) Reynolds number of 100,000. For a “laminar flow element” measurement, it is desired to pack the pipe with a honeycomb array of small square passages (see Fig. P6.36 for an example). What passage width h will ensure that the flow in each tube will be laminar (Reynonds number less than 2000)? P6.27 An oil (SG 0.9) issues from the pipe in Fig. P6.27 at Q 35 ft3/h. What is the kinematic viscosity of the oil in ft3/s? Is the flow laminar? P6.32 SAE 30 oil at 20°C flows at 0.001 m3/s through 100 m of 1-cm-diameter pipe and then for...
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