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Table 62 lists standard water pipe sizes in the

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Unformatted text preview: the shear stress does not equal 2 R. The momentum equation (6.26) thus becomes pA gA L sin w L 0 5 | v v This section may be omitted without loss of continuity. | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Chapter 6 Viscous Flow in Ducts or p g hf L g A/ w z (6.70) This is identical to Eq. (6.27) except that (1) the shear stress is an average value integrated around the perimeter and (2) the length scale A/ takes the place of the pipe radius R. For this reason a noncircular duct is said to have a hydraulic radius Rh, defined by Rh cross-sectional area wetted perimeter A (6.71) This concept receives constant use in open-channel flow (Chap. 10), where the channel cross section is almost never circular. If, by comparison to Eq. (6.29) for pipe flow, we define the friction factor in terms of average shear fNCD 8 w hf f (6.72) V2 where NCD stands for noncircular duct and V Q/A as usual, Eq. (6.70) becomes L V2 4Rh 2g (6.73) This is equivalent to Eq. (6.30) for pipe flow except that d is replaced by 4Rh. Therefore we customarily define the h...
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