The head loss devices obstruct the flow and cause a

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Unformatted text preview: cy. Gas meters need many blades to produce sufficient torque and are accurate to 1 percent. Magnetic pulse pickup Turbine rotor Rotor supports (a) 10 – in turbine 1720 v = 0.06 cm2/s Pulses per cubic meter 1715 v v 1705 0.20 1700 0.38 1695 Fig. 6.31 The turbine meter widely used in the oil, gas, and water supply industries: (a) basic design; (b) typical calibration curve for a range of crude oils. (Daniel Industries, Inc., Flow Products Division.) | 1710 1690 0 0.44 500 1000 1500 m3/h (b) | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide 2000 6.10 Fluid Meters 393 Fig. 6.32 A Commercial handheld wind-velocity turbine meter. (Courtesy of Nielsen-Kellerman Company.) Since turbine meters are very individualistic, flow calibration is an absolute necessity. A typical liquid-meter calibration curve is shown in Fig. 6.31b. Researchers attempting to establish universal calibration curves have met with little practical success as a result of manufacturing variabilities. Turbine meter...
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