The measured stagnation pressure is 565 kpa estimate

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Unformatted text preview: -tube manometer. The densities and vertical distances are shown in Fig. P6.139. (a) Write an expression for velocity V in terms of the parameters in the problem. (b) Is it critical that distance h1 be measured accurately? (c) How does the expression for velocity V differ from that which would be obtained if a pitot-static probe had been available and used with the same U-tube manometer? P6.140 Kerosine at 20°C flows at 18 m3/h in a 5-cm-diameter pipe. If a 2-cm-diameter thin-plate orifice with corner taps is installed, what will the measured pressure drop be, in Pa? P6.141 Gasoline at 20°C flows at 105 m3/h in a 10-cm-diameter pipe. We wish to meter the flow with a thin-plate orifice EES and a differential pressure transducer which reads best at about 55 kPa. What is the proper ratio for the orifice? P6.142 The shower head in Fig. P6.142 delivers water at 50°C. An orifice-type flow reducer is to be installed. The upstream pressure is constant at 400 kPa. What flow rate, in Textbook Table of Contents | Stud...
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