The tube diameter is 2 mm and the rate of drain p614

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Unformatted text preview: another 100 m at an increased d 2 cm. The double-pipe system slopes upward at 35° in the flow direction. Estimate (a) the total pressure change and (b) the power required to drive the flow. P6.33 For the configuration shown in Fig. P6.33, the fluid is ethyl alcohol at 20°C, and the tanks are very wide. Find the flow rate which occurs in m3/h. Is the flow laminar? 50 cm 2 mm 40 cm 10 ft 80 cm 1m Q L = 6 ft D = 1 in 2 P6.27 | v v P6.33 P6.28 In Prob. 6.27 what will the flow rate be, in m3/h, if the fluid is SAE 10 oil at 20°C? P6.29 Oil, with 890 kg/m3 and 0.06 kg/(m s), is to be P6.34 For the system in Fig. P6.33, if the fluid has density of 920 kg/m3 and the flow rate is unknown, for what value of vispumped through 1 km of straight horizontal pipe with a cosity will the capillary Reynolds number exactly equal power input of 1 kW. What is the maximum possible mass the critical value of 2300? flow rate, and corresponding pipe diameter, if laminar flow *P6.35 Let us attack Prob. 6.33 in symbolic fashion, using Fig. is to be maintained? P6...
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