There is serendipity in fig 69 the logarithmic law 621

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Unformatted text preview: le, except for the outer law when the pressure is increasing strongly downstream (as in a diffuser). The inner-wall law typically extends over less than 2 percent of the profile and can be neglected. Thus we can use Eq. (6.21) as an excellent approximation to solve | v v 336 | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide 6.3 Semiempirical Turbulent Shear Correlations 337 30 Outer law profiles: Strong increasing pressure Flat plate flow Pipe flow Strong decreasing pressure 25 Linear viscous sublayer, Eq. (6.22) u+ = y + u+ = er ay u u* 20 l lap er Ov 15 Logarithmic overlap Eq. (6.21) 10 Experimental data In ne rl ay er 5 Fig. 6.9 Experimental verification of the inner-, outer-, and overlaplayer laws relating velocity profiles in turbulent wall flow. 0 10 2 y = y u* ν 10 1 10 3 10 4 + nearly every turbulent-flow problem presented in this and the next chapter. Many additional applications are given in Refs. 2 and 3. EXAMPLE 6.3 Air at 20°C flows through a 14-cm-diameter tube under fully developed conditions. The centerline velocity is u0 5 m/s. Esti...
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