Use your chart to solve example 69 a tank contains 1

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Unformatted text preview: the piping is $75 per centimeter of diameter. The power generated may be sold for $0.08 per kilowatthour. Find the proper pipe diameter for minimum payback time, i.e., minimum time for which the power sales will equal the initial cost of the system. P6.78 In Fig. P6.78 the connecting pipe is commercial steel 6 cm in diameter. Estimate the flow rate, in m3/h, if the fluid is water at 20°C. Which way is the flow? D = 3 cm, L = 5 m, cast iron 200 kPa gage 15 m θ P6.72 P6.73 The Moody chart, Fig. 6.13, is best for finding head loss (or p) when Q, V, d, and L are known. It is awkward for the third type of problem, finding d when hf (or p) and Q are known (see Example 6.11). Prepare a modified Moody chart whose abscissa is independent of d, using as a parameter nondimensionalized without d, from which one can immediately read the (dimensionless) ordinate to find d. Use your chart to solve Example 6.11. P6.74 In Fig. P6.67 suppose the fluid is gasoline at 20°C and h 90 ft. What commercial-steel pipe diameter is...
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