We have discussed pressure measurement in sec 210

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Unformatted text preview: . Rotating mechanical devices a. Cup anemometer b. Savonius rotor c. Propeller meter d. Turbine meter 3. Pitot-static tube (Fig. 6.30) 4. Electromagnetic current meter 5. Hot wires and hot films 6. Laser-doppler anemometer (LDA) Some of these meters are sketched in Fig. 6.29. | v v Floats or buoyant particles. A simple but effective estimate of flow velocity can be found from visible particles entrained in the flow. Examples include flakes on the surface of a channel flow, small neutrally buoyant spheres mixed with a liquid, or hydro- | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide 6.10 Fluid Meters ( a) ( b) 387 ( c) Plated film: Fine wire: (d) ( e) (f ) Display Fig. 6.29 Eight common velocity meters: (a) three-cup anemometer; (b) Savonius rotor; (c) turbine mounted in a duct; (d) free-propeller meter; (e) hot-wire anemometer; (f) hot-film anemometer; (g) pitot-static tube; (h) laserdoppler anemometer. θ Laser Focusing optics ( g) Flow Receiving Photo optics detector ( h) gen...
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