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Unformatted text preview: .0). the maximum Froude number is 1.47. If more time is Consider the flow in a wide channel over a bump, as in available, it is instructive to examine a complete family Fig. P10.62. One can estimate the water-depth change or of surface profiles for 1 cm hmax 52 cm (which is transition with frictionless flow. Use continuity and the the solution to Prob. 10.67). Bernoulli equation to show that *P10.69 Given is the flow of a channel of large width b under a sluice gate, as in Fig. P10.69. Assuming frictionless dy dh/dx steady flow with negligible upstream kinetic energy, de2 dx 1 V /(gy) rive a formula for the dimensionless flow ratio 3 Is the drawdown of the water surface realistic in Fig. Q2/(y1b2g) as a function of the ratio y2/y1. Show by difP10.62? Explain under what conditions the surface might ferentiation that the maximum flow rate occurs at y2 rise above its upstream position y0. 2y1/3. V1 y0 y ( x) V0 Gate y1 V ( x) y2 Bump V2 h ( x) P10.69 P10.62 P10.64 In Fig. P10.62 let V0 1 m/s and y0 1 m. If the max- P10.70 imum bump height is 15 cm, estimate (a) the Froude number over the top of the bump an...
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