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Unformatted text preview: ccuracy is achieved for x 100 m. The complete solution curve is shown in Fig. E10.10b. The desired solution value is At x | v v 694 | 2000 m: e-Text Main Menu y | 5.00 m Textbook Table of Contents Ans. | Study Guide Problems 695 6 5.59 M – 1 Solution curve 5 4 y, m y ≈ 5.00 m at x = –2000 m 4.0 Weir yn = 3.20 m 3 2 yc = 1.13 m 1 0 – 2000 – 1500 E10.10b – 1000 x, m – 500 0 Thus, even 2 km upstream, the dam has produced a “backwater” which is 1.8 m above the normal depth which would occur without a dam. For this example, a near-normal depth of, say, 10 cm greater than yn, or y 3.3 m, would not be achieved until x 13,400 m. Backwater curves are quite far-reaching upstream, especially in flood stages. Summary This chapter is an introduction to open-channel flow analysis, limited to steady, onedimensional-flow conditions. The basic analysis combines the continuity equation with the extended Bernoulli equation including friction losses. Open-channel flows are classified either by depth variation or by Froude number, the latter being analogou...
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