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Unformatted text preview: dth rectangle, which will have slight end-boundary-layer effects but no end contractions. For a thin-plate design, the top is approximately sharpcrested, and Eq. (10.56) should give adequate accuracy, as shown in the table. Since the overfall spans the entire channel, artificial ventilation may be needed, such as holes in the channel walls. Table 10.2 Thin-Plate Weirs for Thin-plate weir Flow Measurement Flow-rate correlation H Q 0.564 Q 0.581(b Q 0.44 tan 0.0846 Plate H bg1/2H3/2 Y Y b (a) Full-width rectangle. H b 0.1H)g1/2H3/2 H 0.5Y Plate Y L > 2b (b) Rectangle with side contractions. H θ Plate 2 g1/2H5/2 20° 100° Y | v v (c) V notch. | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide 10.7 Flow Measurement and Control by Weirs 693 Table 10.2b shows a partial-width rectangle, b L, which will cause the sides of the overfall to contract inward and reduce the flow rate. An adequate contraction correction [19, 20] is to reduce the effective weir width by 0.1H, as shown in the table. It seems, however, that this type of weir is r...
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