1 ft from prob 1039 do not reveal this answer to

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Unformatted text preview: al depth takes the form h(z) h0 sin ( z /b). For uniform-flow conditions, determine the most efficient ratio h0 /b for this channel shape. P10.50 P10.51 P10.52 P10.53 P10.54 P10.55 z b 2 b 2 h0 z=b P10.56 h (z) Half sine wave Modify Prob. 10.50 as follows. Let the water be flowing in an unfinished-cement half-full circular channel of diameter 60 cm. Determine (a) the Froude number, (b) the flow velocity, and (c) the critical slope. Water flows full in an asphalt half-hexagon channel of bottom width W. The flow rate is 12 m3/s. Estimate W if the Froude number is exactly 0.60. For the river flow of Prob. 10.48, find the depth y2 which has the same specific energy as the given depth y1 12 ft. These are called conjugate depths. What is Fr2? A clay tile V-shaped channel has an included angle of 70° and carries 8.5 m3/s. Compute (a) the critical depth, (b) the critical velocity, and (c) the critical slope for uniform flow. A trapezoidal channel resembles Fig. 10.7 with b 1 m and 50°. The water depth is 2 m, and the...
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