10 this is the surface wave equivalent of fluid sound

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Unformatted text preview: e Froude number in channel flow Fr V/c0 is the analog of the Mach number. As in gas dynamics, a channel flow can accelerate from subcritical to critical to supercritical flow and then return to subcritical flow through a sort of normal shock called a hydraulic jump (Sec. 10.5). This is illustrated in Fig. 10.5. The flow upstream of the sluice gate is subcritical. It then accelerates to critical and supercritical flow as it passes under the gate, which serves as a sort of “nozzle.” Further downstream the flow “shocks” back to subcritical flow because the downstream “receiver” height is too high to maintain supercritical flow. Note the similarity with the nozzle gas flows of Fig. 9.12. The critical depth yc [Q2/(b2g)]1/3 is sketched as a dashed line in Fig. 10.5 for reference. Like the normal depth yn, yc is an important parameter in characterizing openchannel flow (see Sec. 10.4). An excellent discussion of the various regimes of open-channel flow is given in Ref. 10. 10.2 Uniform Flow; the Chézy Formula Uniform flow ca...
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