39 this equation has one negative and two positive

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Unformatted text preview: oint 2 will lie on the same leg of the curve as E1. A subSupercritical approach flow Subcritical approach y1 y2 V1 V2 ∆h Bump (a) Water depth v v | | ∆h Supercritical bump Ec (b) e-Text Main Menu Subcritical bump 2 y2 yc Fig. 10.9 Frictionless two-dimensional flow over a bump: (a) definition sketch showing Froude-number dependence; (b) specific-energy plot showing bump size and water depths. 1 ∆ h max y1 E2 E1 2.0 Specific energy | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Chapter 10 Open-Channel Flow critical approach, Fr1 1, will cause the water level to decrease at the bump. Supercritical approach flow, Fr1 1, causes a water-level increase over the bump. If the bump height reaches hmax E1 Ec, as illustrated in Fig. 10.9b, the flow at the crest will be exactly critical (Fr 1). If h hmax, there are no physically correct solutions to Eq. (10.39). That is, a bump too large will “choke” the channel and cause frictional effects, typically a hydraulic jump (Sec. 10.5). These bump arguments are reversed if the channel has...
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