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Unformatted text preview: 10.113 P10.114 Investigate the possibility of choking in the venturi flume of Fig. P10.113. Let b1 4 ft, b2 3 ft, and y1 2 ft. Compute the values of y2 and V1 for a flow rate of (a) 30 ft3/s and (b) 35 ft3/s. Explain your vexation. P10.115 Gradually varied theory, Eq. (10.49), neglects the effect of width changes, db/dx, assuming that they are small. But they are not small for a short, sharp contraction such as the venturi flume in Fig. P10.113. Show that, for a rectangular section with b b(x), Eq. (10.49) should be modified as follows: dy dx S0 Textbook Table of Contents [V2/(gb)](db/dx) 1 Fr2 S | Study Guide Problems 705 Investigate a criterion for reducing this relation to Eq. (10.49). P10.116 Investigate the possibility of frictional effects in the venturi flume of Prob. 10.113, part (a), for which the frictionless solution is Q 9.88 m3/s. Let the contraction be 3 m long and the measurements of y1 and y2 be at positions 3 m upstream and 3 m downstream of the contraction, respectively. Use the modified gradually varied...
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