A storm drain has the cross section shown in fig

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Unformatted text preview: with b2 150 m. During hurricane Carol in 1955, a record flow rate of 1000 m3/s was estimated. Use this information to estimate the maximum flood depth y2 during this event. The answer to Prob. 10.34 is that the 8-ft width is 29 percent more efficient than the 4-ft width and is almost optimum. Verify this result, using the “best-efficiency” concepts of Sec. 10.3. A rectangular channel has b 3 m and y 1 m. If n and S0 are the same, what is the diameter of a semicircular channel that will have the same discharge? Compare the two wetted perimeters. A trapezoidal channel has n 0.022 and S0 0.0003 and is made in the shape of a half-hexagon for maximum efficiency. What should the length of the side of the hexagon be if the channel is to carry 225 ft3/s of water? What is the discharge of a semicircular channel of the same cross-sectional area and the same S0 and n? Using the geometry of Fig. 10.6a, prove that the most efficient circular open channel (maximum hydraulic radius for a given flow area) is a semicircle. Determine the most efficient value of for the V-shaped channel of Fig. P10....
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