A wide clean earth river has a flow rate q 150 ft3s ft

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Unformatted text preview: itical flow rate is 1.0 m3/s, compute (a) the critical depth and (b) the critical slope. A circular corrugated-metal channel is half full and in uniform flow at a slope S0 0.0037. Estimate the Froude number of the flow. Uniform water flow in a wide brick channel of slope 0.02° moves over a 10-cm bump as in Fig. P10.59. A slight de- Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide 700 Chapter 10 Open-Channel Flow pression in the water surface results. If the minimum water depth over the bump is 50 cm, compute (a) the velocity over the bump and (b) the flow rate per meter of width. P10.60 P10.61 P10.62 P10.65 Program and solve the differential equation of “frictionless flow over a bump,” from Prob. 10.62, for entrance conditions V0 1 m/s and y0 1 m. Let the bump have the convenient shape h 0.5hmax[1 cos (2 x/L)], which simulates Fig. P10.62. Let L 3 m, and generate a numerical solution for y(x) in the bump region 0 x L. If you have time for only one case, use hmax 15 cm V1 10 cm (Prob. 10.63), for which the maximum Froude number is y2 = 50 cm bump 0.425. If more time is available, it is instructive to examine a comp...
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