C103 extend prob 1072 whose solution was v2 433 ms use

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Unformatted text preview: .0 m 10 percent throughout the year. Investigate the possibility of accomplishing this with a fullwidth weir; if successful, determine the proper weir height Y. If unsuccessful, try other alternatives, such as (a) a fullwidth broad crested weir or (b) a weir with side contractions or (c) a V-notch weir. Whatever your final design, cite the seasonal variation of normal depths and critical depths for comparison with the desired year-round depth of 2 m. D10.2 The Caroselli Dam on the Pawcatuck River is 10 ft high, 90 ft wide, and sharp edged. The Coakley Company uses | e-Text Main Menu | this head to generate hydropower electricity and wants more head. They ask the town for permission to raise the dam higher. The river above the dam may be approximated as rectangular, 90 ft wide, sloping upstream at 12 ft per statute mile, and with a stony, cobbled bed. The average flow rate is 400 ft3/s, with a 30-year predicted flood rate of 1200 ft3/s. The river sides are steep until 1 mi upstream, where there are low-lying residen...
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