Compare the two wetted perimeters a trapezoidal

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Unformatted text preview: 41. Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 699 Fig. P10.50. If the channel surface is painted steel and the depth is 35 cm, determine (a) the Froude number, (b) the critical depth, and (c) the critical slope for uniform flow. y θ θ P10.41 P10.42 P10.43 P10.44 P10.45 P10.46 25° Suppose that the side angles of the trapezoidal channel in Prob. 10.39 are reduced to 15° to avoid earth slides. If the bottom flat width is 8 ft, (a) determine the normal depth and (b) compare the resulting wetted perimeter with the solution P 24.1 ft from Prob. 10.39. (Do not reveal this answer to friends still struggling with Prob. 10.39.) What are the most efficient dimensions for a riveted-steel rectangular channel to carry 4.8 m3/s at a slope of 1 900? What are the most efficient dimensions for a half-hexagon cast-iron channel to carry 15,000 gal/min on a slope of 0.16°? What is the most efficient depth for an asphalt trapezoidal channel, with sides sloping at 45°, to carry 3 m3/s on a slope of 0.0008? It is suggested that a channel which affords minimum erosion has a half-sine-wave shape, as in Fig. P10.46. The loc...
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