Estimate a the flow rate and b the horsepower

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Unformatted text preview: y4, (c) V1, and (d ) y1. Jump Jump Unfinished concrete, 1° slope 2 3 1 P10.89 4 *P10.91 Modify Prob. 10.89 as follows. Suppose that y2 1 m and y1 30 cm but the channel slope is not equal to 1°. Determine the proper slope for this condition. No doubt you used the horizontal-jump formula (10.43) to solve Probs. 10.89 and 10.90, which is reasonable since the slope is so small. However, Chow [3, p. 425] points out that hydraulic jumps are higher on sloped channels, due to “the weight of the fluid in the jump.” Make a con- | v v P10.90 | e-Text Main Menu | Bump: h = 10 cm P10.95 P10.96 Show that the Froude numbers on either side of a wide hydraulic jump are related by the simple relation Fr2 Fr1( y1/y2)3/2. Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 703 P10.97 A brickwork rectangular channel 4 m wide is flowing at 8.0 m3/s on a slope of 0.1°. Is this a mild, critical, or steep slope? What type of gradually varied solution curve are we on if the local water depth is (a) 1 m, (b...
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