Fe101 consider a rectangular channel 3 m wide laid on

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Unformatted text preview: (d ) 0.030, (e) 0.035 FE10.5 For the channel of Prob. FE10.1, if Mannings roughness factor n 0.020 and Q 29 m3/s, what is the normal depth yn? (a) 1 m, (b) 1.5 m, (c) 2 m, (d ) 2.5 m, (e) 3 m FE10.6 For the channel of Prob. FE10.1, if Q 24 m3/s, what is the critical depth yc? (a) 1.0 m, (b) 1.26 m, (c) 1.5 m, (d ) 1.87 m, (e) 2.0 m FE10.7 For the channel of Prob. FE10.1, if Q 24 m3/s and the depth is 2 m, what is the Froude number of the flow? (a) 0.50, (b) 0.77, (c) 0.90, (d ) 1.00, (e) 1.11 Comprehensive Problems C10.1 February 1998 saw the failure of the earthen dam impounding California Jim’s Pond in southern Rhode Island. The resulting flood raised temporary havoc in the nearby village of Peace Dale. The pond is 17 acres in area and 15 ft deep and was full from heavy rains. The breach in the dam was 22 ft wide and 15 ft deep. Estimate the time required for the pond to drain to a depth of 2 ft. C10.2 A circular, unfinished concrete drainpipe is laid on a slope of 0.0025 and is planned to carry from...
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