P10106 a determine the variation yx along the channel

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Unformatted text preview: re y 2.0 ft. P10.106 A rectangular channel with n 0.018 and a constant slope of 0.0025 increases its width linearly from b to 2b over a distance L, as in Fig. P10.106. (a) Determine the variation y(x) along the channel if b 4 m, L 250 m, the initial depth is y(0) 1.05 m, and the flow rate is 7 m3/s. (b) Then, if your computer program is running well, determine the initial depth y(0) for which the exit flow will be exactly critical. b x=0 x 2b x=L P10.106 Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide 704 Chapter 10 Open-Channel Flow P10.107 A clean-earth wide-channel flow is flowing up an adverse slope with S0 0.002. If the flow rate is q 4.5 m3/(s m), use gradually varied theory to compute the distance for the depth to drop from 3.0 to 2.0 m. P10.108 Illustrate Prob. 10.104 with a numerical example. Let the channel be rectangular with a width b1 10 m for 0 x 100 m, expanding to b2 15 m for 100 x 250 m. The flow rate is 27 m3/s, and n 0.012. Compute the water depth at x 250 m for initial depth y(0) equal to (a) 75 cm and (b) 5 cm...
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