P1084 if y1 10 ft and all losses are neglected except

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Unformatted text preview: (b) V2, (c) the critical depth, in cm, and (d ) the percentage of dissipation. Consider the flow under the sluice gate of Fig. P10.84. If y1 10 ft and all losses are neglected except the dissipation in the jump, calculate y2 and y3 and the percentage of dissipation, and sketch the flow to scale with the EGL included. The channel is horizontal and wide. In Prob. 10.72 the exit velocity from the sluice gate is 4.33 m/s. If there is a hydraulic jump just downstream of section 2, determine the downstream (a) velocity, (b) Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide 702 Chapter 10 Open-Channel Flow trol-volume sketch of a sloping jump to show why this is so. The sloped-jump chart given in Chow’s figure 15-20 may be approximated by the following curve fit: Jump y1 2y2 y1 y2 V1 = 2 ft / s y3 P10.92 P10.86 P10.87 P10.88 P10.89 y1 = 30 cm 8 Fr2 )1/2 1 1]e3.5S0 where 0 S0 0.3 are the channel slopes for which data are available. Use this correlation to modify your solution to Prob. 10.89. If time permits, make a graph of y2/y1 ( 20) versus...
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