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Q2y1b2g as a function of the ratio y2y1 show by

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Unformatted text preview: d (b) the maximum de- P10.71 pression in the water surface. In Fig. P10.62 let V0 1 m/s and y0 1 m. If the flow over the top of the bump is exactly critical (Fr 1.0), *P10.72 determine the bump height hmax. | v v P10.63 | e-Text Main Menu | In Fig. P10.69 let y1 90 cm and V1 65 cm/s. Estimate (a) y2, (b) Fr2, and (c) the flow rate per unit width. In Fig. P10.69 let y1 95 cm and y2 50 cm. Estimate the flow rate per unit width if the upstream kinetic energy is (a) neglected and (b) included. Water approaches the wide sluice gate of Fig. P10.72 at V1 0.2 m/s and y1 1 m. Accounting for upstream ki- Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 701 Figure P10.77 shows data from Ref. 3 on drowned vertical sluice gates. Use this chart to repeat Prob. 10.73, and plot the estimated flow rate versus y2 in the range 0 y2 110 cm. (1) (2) 0.6 (3) Free outflow 5 0.5 P10.72 P10.73 P10.74 0.4 V1 P10.75 Cd 0.3 netic energy, estimate at the outlet, section 2, the (a) depth, (b) velocity, and (c) Froude number. In Fig. P10.69 suppose that y1 1.2 m and the gate is raised so that its gap is...
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