Show that the froude number downstream of a hydraulic

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Unformatted text preview: .76 y2 =2 3 4 5 H 0 y2) 1 1m Drowned tailwater Fig. 10.10c 0.2 | P10.85 Repeat Prob. 10.75 if the gate is drowned at y2 40 cm. Show that the Froude number downstream of a hydraulic jump will be given by Fr2 81/2 Fr1/[(1 8 Fr2)1/2 1]3/2 1 Does the formula remain correct if we reverse subscripts 1 and 2? Why? Water, flowing horizontally in a wide channel of depth 30 cm, undergoes a hydraulic jump whose energy dissipation is 71 percent. Estimate (a) the downstream depth and (b) the volume flow rate per meter of width. Water flows in a wide channel at q 25 ft3/(s ft), y1 1 ft, and then undergoes a hydraulic jump. Compute y2, V2, Fr2, hf, the percentage dissipation, and the horsepower dissipated per unit width. What is the critical depth? The flow downstream of a wide hydraulic jump is 7 m deep and has a velocity of 2.2 m/s. Estimate the upstream (a) depth and (b) velocity and (c) the critical depth of the flow. A wide-channel flow undergoes a hydraulic jump from 40 to 140 cm. Estimate (a) V1,...
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