The only way this can happen physically is for the

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Unformatted text preview: way from uniform steep flow. Figure 10.15b shows a mild slope which becomes even milder. The water depth moves smoothly along an M-1 curve to the new (higher) uniform flow. There is no singular point, so gradually varied theory is adequate. Figure 10.15c illustrates a steep slope which becomes less steep. The depth will change smoothly along an S-3 curve to approach the new (higher) uniform flow. There is no singular point. Compare with Fig. 10.15b. Figure 10.15d shows a steep slope which changes to mild. It is generally impossible to revert back smoothly from supercritical to subcritical flow without dissipation. A hydraulic jump will form whose position depends upon downstream conditions. Two cases are illustrated: (1) a jump to an S-1 curve to reach a high downstream normal depth and (2) a change to an M-3 curve and then a jump to a lower downstream depth. Figure 10.15e illustrates a free overfall with a mild slope. This acts as a control section to the upstream flow, which then forms an M-...
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