Water approaches the wide sluice gate of fig p1072 at

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Unformatted text preview: 15 cm. Estimate the resulting flow rate per unit width. With respect to Fig. P10.69, show that, for frictionless flow, the upstream velocity may be related to the water levels by 2g(y1 K2 0.1 where K y1/y2. A tank of water 1 m deep, 3 m long, and 4 m wide into the paper has a closed sluice gate on the right side, as in Fig. P10.75. At t 0 the gate is opened to a gap of 10 cm. Assuming quasi-steady sluice-gate theory, estimate the time required for the water level to drop to 50 cm. Assume free outflow. P10.78 P10.79 P10.80 P10.81 Gate raised to a gap of 10 cm Gate closed P10.82 P10.83 3m *P10.84 P10.75 In Prob. 10.75 estimate what gap height would cause the tank level to drop from 1 m to 50 cm in exactly 1 min. Assume free outflow. Equation (10.41) for the discharge coefficient is for free (nearly frictionless) outflow. If the outlet is drowned, as in Fig. 10.10c, there is dissipation and Cd drops sharply. | v v *P10.77 | e-Text Main Menu 2 4 678 6 8 y1 H 10 12 14 16 P10.77 (From Ref. 3, p. 509.) EES P10...
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