What is the most appropriate length for the weir

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Unformatted text preview: . Using gradually varied theory, estimate the distance L upstream at which the water depth will be 10 ft. What type of solution curve are we on? What should be the water depth asymptotically far upstream? Backwater curve 10 ft 15 ft slope of 0.15°. If the V-notch weir has 30° and Y 50 cm, estimate, from gradually varied theory, the water depth 100 m upstream. P10.127 A horizontal gravelly earth channel 2 m wide contains a full-width Crump weir (Fig. P10.122) 1 m high. If the weir is not drowned, estimate, from gradually varied theory, the flow rate for which the water depth 100 m upstream will be 2 m. P10.128 A rectangular channel 4 m wide is blocked by a broadcrested weir 2 m high, as in Fig. P10.128. The channel is horizontal for 200 m upstream and then slopes at 0.7° as shown. The flow rate is 12 m3/s, and n 0.03. Compute the water depth y at 300 m upstream from gradually varied theory. L=? y ( x) P10.124 y? P10.125 The Tupperware dam on the Blackstone River is 12 ft high, 100 ft wide, and sharp-edged. It creates a backwater...
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