Which design needs fewer bricks by what percentage in

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Unformatted text preview: water. | Five of the sewer pipes from Prob. 10.32 empty into a single asphalt pipe, also laid out at 0.25°. If the large pipe is also to run half full, what should be its diameter? A brick rectangular channel with S0 0.002 is designed to carry 230 ft3/s of water in uniform flow. There is an argument over whether the channel width should be 4 or 8 ft. Which design needs fewer bricks? By what percentage? In flood stage a natural channel often consists of a deep main channel plus two floodplains, as in Fig. P10.35. The floodplains are often shallow and rough. If the channel has the same slope everywhere, how would you analyze this situation for the discharge? Suppose that y1 20 ft, y2 5 ft, b1 40 ft, b2 100 ft, n1 0.020, n2 0.040, with a slope of 0.0002. Estimate the discharge in ft3/s. P10.41 b2 b1 The Blackstone River in northern Rhode Island normally flows at about 25 m3/s and resembles Fig. P10.35 with a clean-earth center channel, b1 20 m and y1 3 m. The bed slope is about 2 ft/mi. The sides are heavy brush...
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