Gy w 0 a b g y y water depth the three flow regimes

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Unformatted text preview: regimes are Fr 1.0 subcritical flow Fr 1.0 critical flow Fr 1.0 supercritical flow (10.6) The Froude number for irregular channels is defined in Sec. 10.4. As mentioned in Sec. 9.10, there is a strong analogy here with the three compressible-flow regimes of the Mach number: subsonic (Ma 1), sonic (Ma 1), and supersonic (Ma 1). We shall pursue the analogy in Sec. 10.4. The Froude-number denominator (gy)1/2 is the speed of an infinitesimal shallowwater surface wave. We can derive this with reference to Fig. 10.4a, which shows a wave of height y propagating at speed c into still liquid. To achieve a steady-flow inertial frame of reference, we fix the coordinates on the wave as in Fig. 10.4b, so that the still water moves to the right at velocity c. Figure 10.4 is exactly analogous to Fig. 9.1, which analyzed the speed of sound in a fluid. For the control volume of Fig. 10.4b, the one-dimensional continuity relation is, for channel width b, cyb (c V or V)(y c y)b y y (10.7) y This is analogous to Eq. (9.10); the velocity change V i...
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