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Unformatted text preview: Name: CHEM 4511 Exam 1 September 10, 2009 (Total number of points: 100) Write your name in the provided space on the top of each page. No auxiliaries (except for non-programmable calculator) are allowed. Helpful information is listed on the last page. You are expected to work independently and to abide by the Georgia Institute of Technology Honor Code. I have neither given nor received help on this work. Signature I Date Name: Question 1. Write down the chemical structures of the following molecules (16 points) Decxyguanceine Cytidine Uracil Name: Question 2. a) Name the three domains of life. (6 points) 2 H z EGCi'CC‘iPQ! I’dflcfnaem, b) Which domains have prokaryotic and which have eukaryotic cell types? (6 points) pi-OkOrflOQxC gactflfl‘a @ 5 EMF/Large @ amicerbofc: gala/13a @ Question 3. (13 points) Translate the following mRNA molecule into an amino acid sequence (see last page for information). 5’-AUUGCGCUffiEgQflflfiEfigflEfigflEfigGGAUCT-y MM. ’PLL alflfietfls Atty faith Step ewtn C-OrHc-ql AA [email protected] (ENC-i 84%} ‘[email protected] cow's} my #@ C4}hhffl.% {:Yzahat +‘(:) Question 4. (12 points) The figure below shows a 3.5 kb circular DNA molecule. The distance between the BamHI and EcoRI sites is 0.5 kb and 1 kb. EcoRl BamHl I EcoRl Draw the approximate electropherogram (from agarose gel electrophoresis) that is obtained when the DNA is treated with indicated restriction enzyme (see the next page. Make sure that the relative sizes of the fragments are consistent between the different electropherograms. Name: DNA Size Standard Question 5. The equilibrium constant for the reaction A + B C + D is K = 5.5.10'3. a) is the reaction exergon or endergon? (2 points) 614 detach b) Calculate AG“ of the reaction at 298 K. (5 points) AGO) : - RT film lg: (RE/H 55:9{288 K-finle‘TS’wo'E) =+12§34££Q —— —---- ._.__ _ _._ ._ ..__.- k____ H I __.__.——"——~\\[email protected] ' _ -——__.__ _.3 c) Calculate the entropy of the reaction when AH°' = 2 kJ-mol". (8 points) AGOI:AH07*TA§M ® 50} AHO/EAGD) C2000 __’lZ-<S’9’/ ]%93_ “7305—31 A : T : £38K 5—h- ' k-lmb-Q/ k _,__ .. .. 4 Name: Question 6. Phosphoric acid is an polyprotic acid that can donate three protons with the acid constants pK1 = 2.15, ng = 6.82, pK3 = 12.38. Calculate the ratio of the -2 charged form versus the -1 charged form at pH 7 (note: the concentration of the uncharged and the -3 charged form can be neglected). (12 points) Hzpo.e——3HW®+H® pie-m Question 7. A mixture of acetic acid and acetate is dissolved in aqueous solution :at a total concentration of 110 leI. To which pH does the solution need to be adjusted to have 10 mM of acetate present (note: the pKel of acetic acid is 4.76? (10 points) _._,£Aqf?]__+ 0+ch = flow/i } CAc©j:/(OMM a [Hafiz/imam [Ace] =o.o/.1M : 04M- Name: Question 8. Briefly explain why incorrect proteins would be produced in the cell if the attachment of amino acids onto tRNA molecules would be random. (10 points) m. ’Flmm’xnv- 01C WMA won’t/Mia: LS 7L0 mhvcj Oil/Inlhofif/W'di +0 mlymonme/ Olin 09. 7L0 Woof Om+/W&(&’€,.#~L . Rama: r‘etwuam’vow Vim Godot/1r amt-me pol/{find Ohllje'lc 0m flaw—SEC. aww act'ot 5‘ Milka/mi Vl‘ca‘lfiuél WM? JACK/L Myamd: to +941, comm ugljwmcu do mam; (to. COOLQv-u ewggggj) our-«lino cud Eflwmo CW1 wywki lm‘lo #4 PDLQyfi/JJVVLQ damn ~ Raw-3&0“ mflfingm‘aé 0% Mr Omt‘O flN/Jr Mack’ng (IMO! LEAVE VLO Val/1910* U9- LWW41Q°> mm, 0mm! @M% coma/t MJ Oo&WC--/rv0r1¢h—9* (2) M4 Mop—ff Mr 710 Howey-fie ® MZ’MI 6:0an aha/4 MLQW,“ wrong @ mule Wt 1521M”: MW “1 MAx 44 Name: Information The Genetic Code SERUM] PDSITlflN u C A G l Phe Ser Tyr Cys U U Phe Ser Tyr Cys C Leu 561' Stop Stop A Leu 561' Stop Trp G 3 Leu Pro His Arg U E. E: C Leu Pro His Arg C 2 E Leu Pro G111 Arg A g 2 Leu Pro (3111 Arg G Ile Thr Asn Ser U A Ile Thr Asn 561‘ C 113 Thr Lys Arg A Met Thr Lys Arg G Val Ala Asp Gly U Val Ala Asp Gly C G Val Ala Glu Gly A val Ala Glu I Gly G ...
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