Alex's History Project 1 - Lord De la Warr was an...

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Lord De la Warr was an Englishman who came to America in 1610. He brought the Powhatan Indians in the Jamestown area a declaration of war from the Virginia Company of London (. This began the four-year Anglo-Powhatan War . De la Warr brought in "Irish tactics" to use in battle with the Indians. Pocahontas was a native Indian and daughter of Chief Powahatan. She was one of the first Indians to marry an Englishman, John Rolfe , and return to England with him. Pocahontas' brave actions in saving an Englishman paved the way for many positive English and Native Americans relations. At the time of the English settlement of Jamestown in 1607, the Powhatan Indians were friendly to John Smith and John Rolfe. When Smith was captured by Indians, the Powhatans left Smith's fate in the hands of the warriors. Chief Powhatan’s daughter saved John Smith and the Jamestown colony, named after King James I . Pochantas and John Rolfe were married, and there was a time of peace between the Indians and the English. John Rolfe was the savior of the Virginia colony by perfecting the tabbaco industry. “King Nicotine,” as it came to be known, was the single most important “cash crop” in the New World. Lord Baltimore was the founder of Maryland , a colony that offered religious freedom and a refuge for the persecuted Roman Catholics. Maryland was a proprietorship because its founder was granted a charter of ownership by the king. The Religious Toleration Act of 1649 was a legal document that allowed all Christian religions in Maryland Sir Walter Raleigh was English adventurer and writer who was prominent at the court of Queen Elizabeth I and became an explorer of the Americas. In 1585, Raleigh sponsored the first English colony in America on Roanoke Island in present-day North Carolina . However, it failed. Oliver Cromwell was an Englishman who led the army in the English Civil War . Cromwell ruled England in an almost democratic style untill his death. His uprising drew English attention away from Jamestown and the other American colonies. James Oglethorpe
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Alex's History Project 1 - Lord De la Warr was an...

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