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William Berkeley was the British colonial governor of Virginia who showed that he had favorites in his second term which led to the Bacon's rebellion in 1676, led by Nathaniel Bacon . Gov. Berkley ruthlessly suppressed the rebellion. It showed he had poor frontier defense. The Headright system was a way to attract immigrants. It gave 50 acres of land to anyone who paid their way and/or any plantation owner that paid an immigrants way. It attracted many to America. Jeremiads were Puritan preachers noticed a fading religious fervor of second-generation settlers and a decline in church membership . To combat this decreasing piety, they preached a type of sermon called the “ jeremiad sermon” . The jeremiads focused on the teachings of
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Unformatted text preview: Jeremiah, a Biblical prophet who warned of doom. Colonial slavery began to increase. The Middle Passage was the middle segment of the forced journey that slaves made from Africa to America throughout the 1600's in which many slaves perished. The Royal African Company was a slaving company set up by the Stuart family and London merchants Halfway Covenant- A Puritan church document; In 1662, the Halfway Covenant allowed partial membership rights to persons not yet converted into the Puritan church; It lessened the difference between the "elect" members of the church from the regular members; Women soon made up a larger portion of Puritan congregations....
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