Ch. 12 - Chapter Review - 4th Period AP Euro Chapter Review...

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4 th Period AP Euro Chapter Review Chapter 12 - Recovery and Rebirth: The Age of the Renaissance Mid-14 th to Mid-16th Centuries (1350 to 1550) 1. Define the name of the chapter (a workable definition). The Renaissance, beginning in Italy and lasting from about 1350 to 1550, was an age of rebirth and recovery. It was a time of recovery was from the effects of the plague, the 100 years war, political and economic instability, and from the Great Schism. This period was known for the rebirth of Greco-Roman ideas, including a view of humans, philosophy, and art. There was a reconciliation of pagan and Christian ideas during this time, also. While the power in Italy was scattered, the rest of Europe began to develop into new monarchies like France, England, and Spain, in which power was centralized. 2. What is (are) the primary contributions of the period to the course of modern history? Contributions of this period were extremely influential on the course of modern history. Inventions of the day, such as the movable-type printing press, made way for the spread of the ideas of the Reformation and the increase of literacy by making printed material available to everyone. Also, the positive view of humans pioneered by renaissance humanists made way for the “can-do” attitude of the twentieth century. The abolishment of the feudal society and the increasing use of currency in place of bartering created the model for modern society. 3. If you were a man on the streets during this time period, what would be the
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Ch. 12 - Chapter Review - 4th Period AP Euro Chapter Review...

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