Ch. 13 - Chapter Review - 4th Period Chapter Review...

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4 th Period Chapter Review Phillips - AP European Directions: As completely as possible, answer each of the following questions. Be as detailed as necessary. Chapter Name: Ch. 13 – The Age of Reformation Time Frame: 1500-1555 or Sixteenth Century to Mid-Sixteenth Century 1. Define the name of the chapter (a workable definition). The Reformation was the period in which other religious denominations split from the Catholic Church. The Reformation is considered by most to have its origins in the ideas of Martin Luther. Martin Luther was inspired by the writing of Erasmus, a Christian Humanist who sought to restore Christian simplicity without breaking away from the Church. However, Luther saw that a break from the Catholic Church was necessary in order to achieve reform. Because of the Catholic Church’s loss of power during the Reformation, many political entities gained power. 2. What is (are) the primary contributions of the period to the course of modern history? This time period saw the beginning of the Protestant denominations. The printing press helped spread these new religious ideas. The era also saw the birth of some degree of religious toleration which is evident in the Peace of Augsburg. Finally, the Reformation was the first time that the power of the Church and the power of the state became separated. This made way for our modern governments. 3. If you were a man on the streets during this time period, what would be the vocabulary
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Ch. 13 - Chapter Review - 4th Period Chapter Review...

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