Ch. 15 - Chapter Review - October 18, 2005 4 Period AP Euro...

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October 18, 2005 4 th Period – AP Euro Chapter Review Phillips - AP European Directions: As completely as possible, answer each of the following questions. Be as detailed as necessary. Chapter Name: Ch. 15 – Response to Crisis: State Building and the Search for Order in the Seventeenth Century Time Frame: 1600 to1699 or the 17 th Century 1. Define the name of the chapter (a workable definition). This chapter discusses Europe’s reaction to the religious wars from chapter fourteen. One such response is absolute monarchy in France and the reign of King Louis XIV. Also, we see England’s path to a limited monarchy. We see the emergence of Brandenburg-Prussia, the Austrian Empire, and a “westernized” Russia under Peter the Great. The chapter finishes with a description of French Classicism and Dutch Realism, a type of painting for which Rembrandt was made famous. Finally, we see the decline of English and Spanish theater, and the rise of French theater. 2. What is (are) the primary contributions of the period to the course of modern history? In England especially, we see a growing need for equality that will carry to the American colonies, eventually leading to the American Revolution. This feeling in 17
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Ch. 15 - Chapter Review - October 18, 2005 4 Period AP Euro...

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