Ch. 20 - PSQ's - 4th Period Primary Source Questions...

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4 th Period 12/7/05 Primary Source Questions – Chapter 20 1. “The Traits of the British Industrial Entrepreneur” 585 Edward Baines felt that ardor, energy, and perseverance were crucial in being a successful entrepreneur. After about 200 years, these traits are still necessary for being a successful entrepreneur. 2. “Discipline in the New Factories” 589 Workers could no longer follow their own time schedule or make their own rules as they did in the cottages, but instead they had to follow those of the factory. The rules greatly determined much of modern industrial life because they set a strict and steady work shift and salary, leaving little or no room for fluctuation. Our lives today are run by many of the same rules and regulations, including working hours and set salaries, that were established during the Industrial Revolution. 3. “S-t-e-a-m boat a-coming!” 595 With the transportation revolution in the Unites States, not only could goods now be shipped cheaply and efficiently, but the new technology of the day gave people
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Ch. 20 - PSQ's - 4th Period Primary Source Questions...

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