Ch. 28 - PSQ's - 4th Period Primary Source Questions...

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4 th Period 4/6/06 Primary Source Questions – Chapter 28 1. “The Truman Doctrine” 849 The Truman Doctrine expresses feelings of extreme urgency for the repression of these “armed minorities,” and also feelings of fear that the sovereignty of capitalism may be destroyed if the issue of communism were treated with appeasement. In essence, the Truman Doctrine is a justification for America’s anti-communist policies, and for the Cold War itself. It says that the U.S. has the right to support free peoples who feel threatened by communism. He justified his request by arguing that communism “relies upon terror and oppression … and the suppression of personal freedoms,” and that communism is based upon rule by “armed minorities.” In 1947, a Russian most likely would have reacted to these statements with complete disgust. However, toward the end of the Cold War, the same man, having seen the horrors of communism played out for himself, may have totally agreed. 2. “The Cuban Missile Crisis: Khrushchev’s Perspective” 853
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Ch. 28 - PSQ's - 4th Period Primary Source Questions...

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