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Document Questions 1-3 Page 22 1. While Columbus is preoccupied conversion of the non-Christian Native Americans, his reason for this is most likely to appease Queen Isabella of Spain, the stanch Catholic responsible for the finance of his voyage. Stannard’s view that Columbus is “obsessed with the … liquidation of all non-Christians” is falsified by Columbus’ belief that “there cannot be better or more gentle people.” 2. “A Spanish Missionary in Hispaniola” gives the strongest support to Stannard’s thesis, as it describes in detail the horrific cruelty of the Spaniards to the Native Americans.
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Unformatted text preview: Though it does not specifically portray Columbus, it best supports the thesis by demonstrating the capacity for cruelty in the Spanish. 3. Coronados Report offers no support for Stannards thesis. In the account, Coronado, a Spanish soldier, makes no attempts at conquering or harming the Native Americans in any way. However, the reverse is true: the Native Americans wished harm on the Spaniards. This primary source document not only has nothing to do with Columbus, it does not describe the Spanish, or any other explorers for that matter, in any ill manner....
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