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Kelsey's Cavour vs. Bismark Essay

Kelsey's Cavour vs. Bismark Essay - AP Euro Essay...

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AP Euro Essay January 29, 2006 Cavour vs. Bismarck Though Cavour was a liberal and Bismarck an ultra conservative, both were able leaders who united their nations through a mixture of diplomacy and intelligent warfare. Bismarck, prime minister of Prussia, strived for German unification while Cavour, prime minister of Piedmont, had a dream of uniting Italy. Their genius use of diplomacy and conditions of unification are strikingly similar. Both dealt with a common enemy: Austria. Bismarck would have to get rid of Austria if he wanted to unite Germany. He did this by getting Austria to declare war on him first. Similarly, Cavour knew he had to get Austria to declare war on him first in order to receive help from France. This is where we see the unique similarities of diplomatic policy between Cavour and Bismarck. Bismarck sent humiliating letters to Austria to provoke them just as Cavour created Alp Hunters to bug Austria until war was inevitable.
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