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America Secedes from the Empire (Chp 8) 1. George Washington as leader 2. Continental armies 3. Bunker Hill (1775) 4. Why colonists still ambivalent about independence??? 5. Why ambivalence goes away?? 6. Hessian soldiers 7. burning of Falmouth and Norfolk 8. Prohibitory Act (1775) 9. Common Sense (Thomas Paine) 10. Richard Henry Lee 11. Thomas Jefferson 12. Declaration of Independence 13. Patriots (who were they) 14. Loyalists (who were they) 15. Whigs 16. Tories 17. evacuation of Boston (1776) 18. Battle of Long Island (1776) 19. Gen. William Howe (Brit) 20. Washington crossing the Delaware River 21. Battle of Trenton (1776) 22. Gen John Burgoyne (Brit) 23. Benedict Arnold 24. Battle of Saratoga (1777) 25. importance of Saratoga?? 26.Gen. Jonathan Burgoyne 27.Gen. William Howe 28.Brandywine Creek 29.Germantown 30.Valley Forge (Washington’s winter) 31. “Philly captured Howe” 32.Baron von Steuben
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Unformatted text preview: 33.Battle of Saratoga (1777) 34.Benedict Arnold 35. Horatio Gates 36. Importance of Saratoga??? 37. French motivations for entering war??? 38. French secretive helpwhy so secretive??? 39. French open aidwhy the change of heart??? 40. this damned war (Lord North) 41. diplomacy of Ben Franklin 42. Treaty of Alliance (1777) 43. entry of Eur. Nationseffects 44. armed neutrality 45. Catherine the Great 46. change in British strategy 47. Gen. Nathaniel Greene (the fighting Quaker) 48. Joseph Brant (monster Brant) 49. Battle of Yorktown (1781) 50.Gen. Cornwallis 51. Comte de Rochambeau 52. George Washington 53. Admiral de Grasse 54. Yorktown strategy (Brit & Amer) 55. Treaty of Paris (1783) negotiations 56. role of Franklin/Jay/Adams 57. Treaty of Paris (1783) provisions 58. why the Brits so generous???...
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