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Microprocessor Systems Lab 1: Introduction to the EVB This lab is intended for the first-time user of the M68HC12EVB evaluation board (referred to as EVB). The setup and operation of the EVB is explained. An introduction to the D-Bug 12 monitor program and its memory and register management commands is provided. 1.1 Equipment M68HC12EVB containing D-Bug 12 monitor program ( Please refrain from touching the EVB. Alert your TA if you need any assistance with the board ). Personal Computer containing MiniIDE software Power Supply 1.2 Introduction The EVB contains a Motorola 68HC12 microcomputer and associated I/O and memory devices. The EVB allows the user to easily test systems and software designed for the 68HC12 microcomputer. On the board is an EEPROM, containing the D-Bug12 monitor program. The monitor program begins executing on power-up or reset. This program controls the communication between the EVB and a terminal (in this case a personal computer – PC). It also allows the user to examine or modify the contents of memory, and assemble, debug and execute programs. 1.2.1 EVB memory description The monitor program, D-Bug 12, occupies the 32-kByte FLASH EEPROM area of the MCU’s memory map (See table below). D-Bug 12 requires 512 bytes of on-chip RAM ($0A00 to $0BFF), for stack and variable storage. The remaining 512 bytes of on-chip RAM ($0800 to $09FF), are available for variable storage and stack space by user programs. Note that all memory locations are expressed as 16-bit hexadecimal numbers, and memory values are expressed as 8-bit hexadecimal numbers. Address Range Usage Description $0000 - $01FF $0800 - $09FF $0A00 - $0BFF $0D00 - $0FFF $8000 - $FFFF CPU registers User code/data Reserved for D-Bug 12 User code/data D-Bug 12 code and functions On-chip registers 512 bytes on-chip RAM 512 bytes on-chip RAM 768 bytes on-chip EEPROM 32 Kbytes on-chip FLASH EEPROM
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The Axiom CML 12S-DP256 is an HC12 evaluation board developed by Axiom Manufacturing ( ), providing 256 kB of memory. Memory maps differ among evaluation boards with different amounts and distributions of memory. When programming for the CML 12S-DP2256, you should be applying the following memory map. I recommend that you use locations $4000-$7FFF or $8000-$BFFF for your program and data. Axiom CML 12S-DP2256 Memory Map ADDRESS TYPE MEMORY MEMORY APPLICATION $C000 -$FFFF FLASH MON12, NOICE, and Utility firmware located in internal flash, Page $3F. $8000 -$BFFF External Ram User Paged Program Memory space , Pages $20 - $2E. Note: Pages $30 - $3F reside in the internal
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lab1 - Microprocessor Systems Lab 1: Introduction to the...

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