lab3 - CpE390 Lab 3(Chapter 4 of Textbook The CML-12S-DP256...

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CpE390 Lab 3 (Chapter 4 of Textbook) The CML-12S-DP256 is an updated development board with 256KB of memory, a somewhat more advanced development board than the Axiom CME12BC32 described in your textbook. The memory map for the textbook’s CME-12BC is shown and described on page 105 of your textbook. As noted there, “you need to understand the memory map of the . .. demo board in order to be able to download your program to the proper memory space.” The Axiom CML 12S-DP256 is an HC12 evaluation board developed by Axiom Manufacturing ( ), providing 256 kB of memory. Memory maps differ among evaluation boards with different amounts and distributions of memory. When programming for the CML 12S-DP2256, you should be applying the following memory map. I recommend that you use locations $4000-$7FFF for your program and data. Axiom CML 12S-DP2256 Memory Map ADDRESS TYPE MEMORY MEMORY APPLICATION $C000 -$FFFF FLASH MON12, NOICE, and Utility firmware located in internal flash, Page $3F. $8000 -$BFFF External Ram User Paged Program Memory space , Pages $20 - $2E. Note: Pages $30 - $3F reside in the internal flash. $4000 -$7FFF External Ram User Program Memory. Emulate fixed page $3E. $3F8C -$3FFD Internal Ram Ram Interrupt Vector Table $3E00 -$3F8B Internal Ram Monitor reserved ram memory. Stacks and variables $1000 -$3DFF Internal Ram User Internal Ram memory $0400 -$0FEB
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lab3 - CpE390 Lab 3(Chapter 4 of Textbook The CML-12S-DP256...

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