Lab8_ADconverter - Microprocessor Lab Analog to Digital...

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Microprocessor Lab Analog to Digital Conversion NOTE (Again): The EVB used in the lab uses the MC9S12DP256 version of the HC12 microprocessor. As noted in the previous lab, the memory map for the Axiom CML 12S- DP256 EVB differs from that used in your textbook. In addition, the mapping of peripheral to addresses for the MC9S12DP256 microprocessor also differs from that of the microprocessor used in the textbook’s EVB. A Word document containing all of the addresses of all of the registers of the MC9S12DP256 is included on the Lab 6 Web page. The 68HC12 of your EVB has an eight channel multiplexed, 10-bit analog to digital converter (ADC). Chapter 10 in your textbook summarizes the various registers used for the ADC. Looking at Figure 10.7 on page 435 of your textbook, you see the ATD control register ATDCTL2 specified, and the right of the picture of the register bits indicates an address $0062. If you were to define the register base address (REGBS) as $0000, you could express this address in Figure 10.7 as ATDCTL2: EQU REGBS +$62. In the case of the Axiom CML 12S-DP256 EVB, the correct address for ATDCTL2 is $0082, not $0062. So again, you will need to change the addresses used for registers in your textbook to
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Lab8_ADconverter - Microprocessor Lab Analog to Digital...

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