MyRing - p public void run an oval GOval oval = new...

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/* * File: * ------------------------------------ * This program draws a golden ring. This version * uses explicit coordinate values, which makes the * program difficult to extend or maintain. * * Author: CS1MD3 */ import*; import acm.program.*; import java.awt.*; i public class MyRing extends GraphicsProgram {
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Unformatted text preview: p public void run() { /* an oval */ GOval oval = new GOval(250, 150, 200, 100); oval.setFilled(true); oval.setColor(Color.YELLOW); /* the hole */ GOval hole = new GOval(260, 160, 180, 80); hole.setFilled(true); hole.setColor(Color.WHITE); /* display oval, then hole */ add(oval); add(hole); } }...
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