a08f3 - CS1MD3 08f3.1 Assignment 3 Due. Nov. 4 (Tuesday),...

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CS1MD3 08f3. 1 Assignment 3 Due . Nov. 4 (Tuesday), 23:59. 1. Write a program that displays the integers between 1 and 100 that are divisible by either 6 or 7 but not both. Once you have a working version, try to modify your program so that it displays the integers in one line separated by commas and ended with a period. 2. Write a GraphicsProgram subclass that draws a pyramid consisting of bricks arranged in horizontal rows, so that the number of bricks in each row decreases by one as you move up the pyramid, as shown in the Fgure on page 129. The pyramid should be centered in the window and should use named constants: BRICK WIDTH The width of each brick BRICK HEIGHT The height of each brick BRICKS IN BASE The number of bricks in the base 3. Using the AnimatedSquare program as a model, write an animated BouncingBall program that bounces a ball inside the boundaries of the graphics window. Your program should begin by placing a GOval in the center of the window to represent the ball. On each time step,
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a08f3 - CS1MD3 08f3.1 Assignment 3 Due. Nov. 4 (Tuesday),...

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