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Answer the following questions and locate the structures indicated on the accompanying diagrams and models/specimens provided in lab. (1) Locate the cerebral hemispheres , brainstem, and cerebellum . Describe their general location and appearance. a. cerebral hemispheres- b. brainstem- c. cerebellum- (2) What is the difference between a gyrus and a sulcus ? Locate the central sulcus . What is located immediately anterior to it? What is posterior to it? (3) Locate the lateral fissure . What is located on either side of this fissure? Look carefully within this fissure. What do you see? (4) On the medial view of the brain locate the corpus collosum. What is it and what is its function? 1 Neuroanatomy Laboratory II: Brain and Brainstem
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Describe the location of each lobe of the cerebrum. and state the general function of each. Locate each lobe on the brain specimen and label them on the accompanying diagrams. Complete the diagram on Broca’s areas. a. Temporal- b. Occipital- c. Frontal- d. Parietal- (6) Locate the brainstem on the lab specimen. Examine the model of the brainstem and locate each component and state the function of each. Label these structures on the accompanying diagram. a. Medulla oblongata- b. Pons- c. Midbrain- (7) Locate the Diencephalon on the lab specimen and model. Label these on your diagram and state the function of each below. Thalamus
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anatomylab7 - Neuroanatomy Laboratory II: Brain and...

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